404(c) Information

Your company retirement plan is intended to constitute a plan as described in Section 404(c) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations Section 2550.404c-1. As a result the fiduciaries on your plan may be relieved of liability for any losses which are the direct and necessary result of investment instructions given by participants or beneficiaries. In other words, as the participant you bear the risk and reward of any changes in the value of the underlying investment options in which you invest.

Your company is committed to the long-term welfare of all retirement plan participants. Educated decisions require information. This website contains descriptions of the investment alternatives, fund costs, provider costs, provider policies and contact information should you have any additional questions. We value your service and strive to assist in securing your future. Please take advantage of this website and information provided. For plan specific information please click on "Log In" and enter your plan's user name and password.

Whom to Contact for Additional Information
The name, address and phone number of the plan fiduciary responsible for providing ERISA Section 404(c) information is:

ERISA Fiduciary Advisors, Inc.
1160 Birchwood Road
Weston, Florida 33327
Telephone: 866-606-4015
Telefax: 877-587-7571

Selecting Investment Options
You can choose from the investment options offered in your enrollment kit and available on your provider's website. You may invest in as many of the investment options as you want, but only in whole percentages. The Plan Administrator may occasionally add or drop investment options. If the Plan Administrator drops an option that you had previously invested in, you may have to liquidate your Plan account's holdings in that investment option and shift these funds to another option offered by the plan. Also, it is possible your plan administrator will direct this action to take place on your behalf.

Changing Investments
Generally you can transfer money from one option to another or change the allocation of your future contributions. These changes can be made daily. However, transfers from the fixed investment option may be subject to certain restrictions. In addition, some funds impose short-term redemption fees for liquidations that occur within 30 to 90 days of the initial purchase. Please refer to each fund prospectus for greater detail.

There are two options for making changes to your investments. First, you can change your investments by calling the Providers toll-free number and voice response unit. Changes can be made via telephone on a daily basis, depending upon when the request is received. The system will announce the effective date of all you requests. You may complete only one exchange and one investment election change per day. Second, you can change your investments by accessing the 401(k) Providers website. Changes can be made via the website on a daily basis, depending upon when the request is received. The effective date of all requests will be displayed on the screen and you may print a confirmation of all transactions. You may complete only one exchange and one investment election change per day.

Miscellaneous Investment Information:
You can request the following information from the 404(c) fiduciary designated for this plan:

  • Written confirmation of your investment instructions.
  • A description of the annual operating expenses of each of the underlying investment options under the plan. These expenses include investment management and admin fees as well as transaction costs.
  • Information furnished to the plan that relates to an investment option. This includes copies of any prospectus, financial statements, and reports.
  • Information on the assets that comprise your underlying investment option(s) or portfolio(s), including a listing of the assets and their value. If the assets are fixed rate investment contracts issued by a bank, savings and loan association or insurance company, you may receive information on the contract. This includes the name of the issuer, the term and the rate of return.
  • Information concerning the value of shares or units of underlying investment options available to you, and information concerning the past and current investment performance of the options.
  • Information about the value of shares or units in your account.